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Atmosphere of stay

You are in Contis and you are at the right place!

Kilometres of sandy beach, for rides, romantic, solitary or in family; for running in the morning or just to walk,recharge, disconnect, relax, breathe the sea air. There are more than you, the ocean, the sand, the dunes and the sea gulls.

In the background of the station, you can see the Lighthouse of Contis, which soars above the pine forest, as a large black and white sugar of barley. Built in 1860 under Napoleon III, halfway between Biarritz and Arcachon, it is the only lighthouse of the Landes. It was automated in 1999 and is a historical monument since 2009. Do not hesitate to climb the 192 steps and enjoy the show!

The Contis current, is a coastal river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the Landes currents and once served to drain ponds that have been drained today. It is classified Natura 2000. You often come across firshermen on the dike at the mouth. It is filled with sea water at high tide. Get up early one morning and come enjoy , at the small gazebo, a beautiful sunrise over the forest!

The resort of Contis looks like a small village with its main street where shops and restaurants gather. Here you can do your market every Wednesday and Sunday during the summer season. Go through the Avocettes street and get the cinema program, take the opportunity to stop at the Square and shoot the curious little Mexican style chapel.

Soak up the local atmosphere as you wander the streets, or daydream while watching the ocean from the gazebo, come there to watch the sunset, the show is different every night!

Great gallops on the beach for experienced riders, stand-up-paddle on the current, the tree climbing in the forest, surf courses supervised by qualified instructors, canoe down the Courant from St Julien en Born ... many activities available to you. Bring your bikes or rent on site and discover the surroundings on the many signposted cycle paths throughout the forest. May be you will hear the pine cones cracking in the pines and the song of cicadas during hot days

And maybe you also have the chance to attend an exit of the Pinasse. This boat of about 10.5 meters, with a flat bottom, made of pine wood, is operated by oars and parked in the stream during summer. It is registered in the Landes Maritime Heritage since 2011. It uses traditional coastal community fishing techniques.

Contis is a little paradise set on a cloud of Nature. But nature is fragile and must be protected. The Dunes are our bulwark against the ocean, they protect us. The forest is home to animals and vegetation.

  • Thank you to respect the work of those who protect the dunes and forest.
  • Thank you to prevent your children to slide down the dunes in the sand.
  • Thank you to borrow the marked paths.
  • Thank you not to throw trash in the forest, on the beach or in the resort.
  • Thank you to respect Mother Nature.

Welcome, choose a rental in the Pignons or the Grains de Sable and happy holidays to all

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