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Rental terms

I hereby declare to have read and approved: the rules and the general rental conditions

Terms & Conditions

The reservation form annexed to the website will necessarily be completed in its entirety. No additional person to the description given on this form will be accepted

The acceptance by the applicant of the following general conditions and regulations committed him

After accepting the request by the owner, a booking file will be sent by email

The person who signed the contract should be an adult, it will be our sole interlocutor, will be responsible for leasing and will reside on site throughout the duration of the stay

The reservation application must imperatively be sent within a week (8 work days), it will include :

  1. initialed and signed contract,
  2. terms signed,
  3. signed rules of procedure,
  4. payment of the deposit (25% of total rent) bank transfer only for foreigners
  5. photocopy of both sides of ID card of the registered person to the contract
  6. photocopy proof of insurance covering rental risks that may be caused by the tenant
  7. photocopy of updated vaccination record of your pet

The hiring becomes effective only after receipt of the complete application and collection of the deposit. A confirmation email will then be sent to you

WARNING: Any incomplete file or returned after the deadline will automatically cancel your booking and the contract will be broken

Payment Methods

Bank transfers (bank terms on the lease) or cash only. We do not take credit cards. For bank transfers: The name on the slip must be that of the person listed on the rental agreement

Any non-stocked transfer automatically cancel your booking, the contract will be broken and the bungalow will be returned to the rental immediately.

Upon receipt of the complete application and collection of the deposit by the owner, the customer will receive a booking confirmation notice by email

Cancellation of contract

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing and motivated. The rental agreement will be broken and housing provided for rent

Cancellation more than one month before the lease takes effect result in the loss of the deposit paid

Cancellation less than one month before the lease takes effect result in the loss of the deposit and payment of the balance due by the tenant

Balance payment of the rent

At arrival :

  • payment of the balance of the rent  in cash (if you did not sen dit by bank transfer)
  • guarantee deposit of € 150  cash only
  • Guaranteed cleaning fee "clean departure" € 60 in cash only

Bank transfer : the balance of the rent must have reached our bank account one week before the arrival date specified in the contract . Anticipate cash for « guarantee deposit » & "clean departure" (see above price)

The keys will be given only after payment of the rental balance, of the garantee deposit and payment of the cleaning fee

We reserve the right to refuse the keys in case of non-compliance with the terms of payment on arrival (rental balance, guaranteedeposit, package "clean departure")

Arrival & Departure

The tenant will have to confirm his arrival by email or sms (mentioning the name on the lease) one week before the stay

Arrivals are at the registration desk located at the entrance of Grains de Sable  residence at 244 rue Cormorans

During summer season arrivals are made on  Saturday only  from 4.00 pm until 8.00 pm. Any delay in case of force majeure only must be reported as soon as possible by phone or sms

If the tenant does not prevent an arrival delay and without manifestation on his part, spent 24 hours after the scheduled arrival date, the rental contract becomes null and housing will be given for rent without deposit refund

The lessee will have 24 hours to control the inventory which will be presented on arrival. An output and a clean inventory control may  be made at check done

Any arrival outside days provided in the rental contract must be notified in advance by phone or sms and accepted by the landlord. it does not give right to any refund from the owner

Rental Occupancy

The tenant agrees to personally occupy the place during the entire stay. It may under no circumstances sublet the apartment, or assign its rights to anyone

We do not accept minors unaccompanied by a responsible adult resident

Obligation to occupy the premises in "good father" and maintain them

Ban to sleep on mattresses protections or on sofa bed covers. The tenant will bring his linen (sheets, towels and tea towels) (sheets rental in option)

All facilities are in good working order and any complaint about them occurring more than 24 hours after taking possession of the premises, will not be admitted (except for wear state).

WARNING : The tenant agrees to report to the Lessor within 24 hours any damages occurring in housing outbuildings or accessories. All repairs made necessary by the negligence or poor maintenance during the stay will be charged to the tenant and will be deducted from the guarantee deposit (supporting invoices), a supplement can be claimed by the lessor for exceeding

The tenant can not refuse access to housing by the owner or any person authorized by him to conduct such repairs or maintenance

Obligation to comply with the instructions of the internal regulations of the residence which will be attached to the lease agreement and signed by the lessee

Obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the fact of the tenant and occupant of the rented accommodation

Children must be supervised by adults so they do not disturb the tranquility of other residents and that they do not commit damage in the residence

The tenant agrees to insure against rental risks (fire, water damage). Lack of insurance in case of damage will result in legal action for damages and interest

The pet should not disturb the neighborhood, it should not defecate or be left at liberty inside the residence area. Ban to sleep on beds or sofas coverage.

WARNING : If exceeded the number of people laid on the contract, the lessor reserves the right to refuse the keys on arrival without refund of the deposit. If exceeded the number of person is noted during the stay, a fixed fine of € 150 per person per week will be applied. It also applies to any breach of the number of pets allowed

We are not responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal items during your stay in the Pignons or Grains de Sable


Departures are from 7am until 10am, you will need to register on arrival at the departures schedule (everyone can not leave at 10 am)

Departure outside the days specified in the lease must be reported in advance by phone or sms and accepted by the landlord; it does not entitle a refund from the lessor

You enter in clean housing. You must give it back  in immaculate condition in which you found them.

The mattresses and bedding protections must be returned in fair condition and spotless. There is a washing machine tokens in a room provided for this purpose next to the reception desk

Choosing cleaning fee upon arrival does not absolve the tenant to move there "in good father", to maintain the place in good condition, neither to report any loss and damage during his stay. Similarly he will give back  the housing in suitable condition (not stained bedding, accessories and facilities in working order, tidy and not degraded)

In the event that the cleaning service would not have been chosen, the apartment must be returned in immaculate condition, so that the next tenant can settle directly. That is to say, the full cleaning with suitable products will have been done. An inspection will take place at departure along with the inventory

WARNING : If the cleaning fee was not chosen  and that the apartment is not in a state of spotlessly clean, the "cleaning fee" paid to your arrival will be retained and cashed by the landlord.

Guarantee deposit will also be refunded upon departure, unless damages have occurred and restoration work must be performed. In this case the landlord will keep the deposit and will return the remaining balance and invoices within one month (unless unable to make repairs because of the occupation by the following tenants, then the delay will be extended). A supplement may be requested if the bill exceeds the amount of the guarantee fee


You will have to pay the tourist tax for the benefit of Commons community

The current scales are available on the website (0.83€ / day / person over 13 years old, during 2023 season)

This tax must be paid on arrival and in cash

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GDPR Information

The information collected on this form is saved in a computer file processed by Marie Brouste - Contis Location to manage your bungalow vacation booking. The legal basis for processing is consent to the collection of this information.

The data collected will be communicated to the following recipients only: Contis Location.

Data will be kept for a maximum of 13 months.

You may access your personal data, rectify it, request its deletion or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data. You may also withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time.

Visit for more information on your rights.

To exercise these rights, or if you have any questions about the processing of your data under this system, please contact:

If, after contacting us, you feel that your "Data Protection" rights have not been respected, you may submit a complaint to the CNIL.


  • The booking request will be through this form only
  • The bungalows (Pignons & Grains de Sable) will be assigned based on availability at the time


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Phone : 05 58 42 40 21
Mobile06 87 46 90 78


  • The adult appearing on the rental agreement will stay on site
  • No minors unaccompanied by a responsible adult
  • Only one pet accepted

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